Saturday, April 2, 2011

Driver Education Tests

Driver Education tests are mandatory for students who want to prove that they are safe drivers and are qualified to get a driving license. There are three driver education tests conducted by the Division of Motor Vehicles or DMV. They are knowledge test, the vision test and the skill test. Students must pass all three in order to get their license.

The knowledge test is a written examination that consists of multiple-choice questions. Students are required to score 80% or better in order to pass. This test evaluates the student's knowledge of the traffic laws, safe driving practices and recognition of road signs.

There are many knowledge test tutorials and driver license handbooks available for students preparing to take the DMV written exam. Many websites on the Internet also provide students with online guides and practice tests that are guaranteed to help them.

For the visual test, students are tested and must have a visual acuity of 20/40 with or without corrective lenses. Those with a visual acuity of less than 20/40 will be referred to an eye specialist and must then reapply for the test. There are different visual acuity standards for different states.

The skill test is the most crucial as it measures a student's ability to drive a specific type of vehicle. Here the examiner will monitor the student's skill in controlling the vehicle and how well they obey traffic laws. Students have to pass the knowledge test first in order to qualify for this skill test. Students are placed in a test car and required to drive in regular traffic with an authorized examiner who will ask them to perform certain driving maneuvers. These include starting and stopping the vehicle, using mirrors, controlling the vehicle, parking and pulling out of parked positions, backing out, defensive driving, obeying traffic signals and signs, etc. They will also be asked to do emergency stops and demonstrate the proper use of arm signals and automatic signals.

The examiner will grade the student on every aspect of performance and if he/she scores 80% a license is granted.

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