Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Leavers Forging Their Certificates

School leavers in South Africa are forging their certificates in order to have a better chance of finding employment when they leave school. The statistics are not pretty. Only 25% of school leavers will find employment in the formal sector. This means that 75% of people leaving school will not find work! So what do they do? Well many of these unfortunate people end up having to, out of necessity, start their own businesses.

When one considers that my domestic worker who is 27 years old, unmarried and mother of two, has not been able to find any permanent work for 9 years. She has worked on a contract basis, on a seasonal demand basis, for a company that manufactures calendars. She has been employed for 3 months out of 12. The rest of the year she has no work. So the one day we are able to employ her a week, helps in a tiny way to alleviate her rather impossible situation.

In addition to this, the education system that existed when she wrote her final exams in 1998, had very little or no relevance to her challenges that would face her in later life after school. Since then, the Department of Education has tried to address the lack of relevance in education through introducing Outcomes Based Education and specifically courses such as Economics and Management Sciences (EMS). EMS is aimed at trying to equip learners with relevant skills they so desperately need in life after school. This assumes that firstly teachers have the time, training and inclination to effectively impart this knowledge onto their learners and secondly, that the EMS curriculum is relevant to the demands facing them when they enter 'the real world'. It is a long road before this situation is rectified. Don't believe me? Ask the minister of education Naledi Pandor. She will tell you that she could do with all the help she can get.

Yes we need to create jobs, but this is not going to happen over night. This will take years to happen. We need another solution for the short to medium term. The fact is, it's not so much about school leavers finding a job, but rather they need to create their own! They need a relevant education system that allows them to look after themselves as they leave the safe schoolyard walls and empowers them to cope with the harsh realities of life in the 'real world'! There has to be a better way, a different way, a way that works!

We have to find a better way. The Status Quo is just not working! For those who are interested in helping us turn the old order upside down, shake it all around and come up with a relevant approach, a novel approach an innovative approach that works, one where we somehow can find a 'different way', then please visit my website on ka-chingworld.com and let me know how together we can do this.

Gregory Bunyard is the co-author and founder of the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting course. Bunyard studied for his BCom at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa where he majored in Business Administration and Industrial Psychology and thereafter obtained an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School in Scotland. He has worked in Johannesburg, London and in the USA and has travelled the world. He is very much an entrepreneur himself - currently consulting to business owners.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Which Culinary School Is Right For You?

Are you fresh out of high school, and appreciate good food? The United States has many culinary schools and the job market is booming, so if you have ever been curious about the possibility of turning a natural love into a career, read on. At the very least, you will have fun choosing which culinary school would be perfect for you.

1. Art Institute (AI)

This institution's culinary program is excellent. They are actually one of the leading institutions for students who are looking for not just a culinary school but a place that greatly specializes in the creative arts. Culinary programs of the Art Institutes are top-notch education and training in the following culinary fields of expertise: culinary arts, the art of cooking, restaurant and catering management, baking and pastry and culinary management. The availability of these culinary programs may vary from one Art Institute culinary school to another. It's best to call your chosen campus location first to verify if they're offering the courses that you're interested in. This will help you save time in trying to find the best suited culinary school for you.

2. Atlantic Culinary Academy

The Atlantic Culinary Academy is actually a division of the popular McIntosh college. This culinary school boasts programs that specialize in Le Cordon Bleu training as well as associate degrees in Culinary Arts. This culinary school is known for being able to teach and train its students in just 18 months. And, in addition to the completion of their culinary courses, the students will also earn the Le Cordon Bleu Diplome, a highly recognized international culinary arts diploma.

3. California Culinary Academy

In San Francisco, California, this school is located in San Francisco's Civic Center district as well as in the hip and stylish Portrero Hill district. Aspiring chefs flock to this culinary school because it is internationally known for being able to produce some of the world's best chefs. This is made possible through their extensive training programs, great cooking facilities, and excellent instructors.

4. Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts

This school has several locations in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Florida to name a few. It is a culinary school that is highly revered for its Associate of Occupational Science Degree In Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts. There is a fifteen month program that includes a highly extensive cooking technique and training program, but what makes this school unique is their inclusion of an internship wherein the students of this culinary school will gain over one hundred hours of real on-the-job experience before they ever leave. This is a classical culinary school for aspiring chefs, and oh yes, one more thing, it is also incredibly demanding.

5. Online Certificate

For those who simply don't have the luxury of time to just actually go to a normal culinary school, there is the Art Institute Online, that hopes to be able to reach out to more students who are interested in taking up art courses as well as courses regarding culinary arts. This online program is actually uniquely designed for working people who have already earned their Associate's degree. Of interest, this program combines all kinds of courses such as human resource management to law and ethics and accounting. Why, you ask? The program is aimed towards culinary arts students who are thinking of opening their own restaurant someday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Distance Learning Online - Distance Education Program

One of the best things that the Internet has produced is the ability for distance online education providers the chance to educate people all over the world from their computer.

With the global economy being as competitive as it is, people from all over the world can learn online. Online education doesn't just mean college courses. The sky is the limit on the certifications you can gain online. There are people right now taking courses for careers covering every aspect of our economy. Distance learning can educate people in fields such as:

Computer Certifications

There are hundreds of thousands of online students taking Microsoft training courses, Cisco, Internet Security, Web Design, Programming, and on and on...

Computer degrees are the most sought after certifications in this ever growing IT economy. With requirements always evolving, students must have the current certifications covered.

Healthcare and Nursing

The healthcare industry has not stopped it's expansion. Courses related to home care, nursing and more can be delivered online by distance education schools. This is especially helpful to full or part time mothers that are unable to go to a traditional school.

Medical Billing and coding courses are very popular online and can assist a stay-at-home parent by allowing them to earn their certificate from home.

Finance and Investments

Courses to become real estate agents, appraisers and home inspection are available. These online programs can earn the student a license and gain continuing education credits in the real estate market.

Investment brokerage licenses such as the Series 7, Series 6 and CFA exam can be learned using distance home study courses and interactive multimedia programs.

The insurance industry has been a leader in the online programs that are available. Virtually every large insurance company in the country utilizes distance education online for educating their agents and managers. Continuing education is vital for them.


Passing the CPA exam and be a major challenge. Their are several very successful home study providers for this exam. Most will have DVD video classes along with text books and testing CD's.

Sales and Marketing

There are excellent schools that specialize in professional distance education for sales training and marketing. These types of courses are always good to consider, because they cross over industries. Everyone could use a sales a marketing course. This would include small business owners who find it difficult to break away and go to a traditional school.

High School and College Degrees

Thousands of learning institutions allow you to earn a high school diploma and college degree by utilizing distance education methods. There have been wonderful advancements in this area. Home schooling for kids has never been easier as well. Parents can enroll in accredited distance schools and be assigned homework, participate in web based classes, and take their required courses all on online.

Not much is certain in life, but the growing market of online education programs is sure to grow more each year. For the individual, it allows for easier career changing. Working a full time job and earning course credits on-line is a mainstream way to improve your career goals and possibly change your life.

Good Luck!